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Rossi's three full-time employees, featured in the series, are all little people and aspiring actors. The characteristic features of the skull, spine and limbs shared by most forms of disproportionate dwarfism result in some common problems:. Since the longest bones in the human body are located in the arms and legs, this interference in normal bone development most commonly results in shorter limbs, which leads to short stature. In societies where poor nutrition is widespread, the average height of the population may be reduced below its genetic potential by the lack of proper nutrition. Accessed May 15,

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Individuals with SED also can have curvature of the spine that can progress during childhood and can lead to breathing problems.

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Who you calling a "midget"?

Like approximately 80 percent of parents of children with dwarfism, Jimmy and Darlene are of average stature. These surgeries require anesthesia, and that can be more of a risk for people with dwarfism because of their smaller body size and airways, and sometimes associated curvature of the spine. A defining characteristic of dwarfism is an adult height less than the 2. Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn. For the legendary creature, see Dwarf mythology. Little People of America.

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you are a midget
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you are a midget
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