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Sure he was small but he was nice, kind, smart and Malion showed her around his lair, showed her the small lake that he found inside the cave and a small hoard that he gathered and before they knew it the sun was setting "Wow it was very interesting talking to you Malion. Malion on the other hand was fantasizing about her in a manner most dragons would consider normal since they are more But when she heard from the villagers that a dragon was near, her curiosity got the better of her and she decided she must poke around and try to find the beast, so she entered the forest leading to the hill that kept Malions cave. Tell me princess what were you doing out there, why did you come to my mountain, have you not heard that a dragon is near, were you not afraid for your life, Im not sure, should I find you brave or foolish but tell me what did you want by coming here?

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Their instinct immediately leads their attention from almost anything else when they notice a sexual kind of interest of course I mean normal, everyday circumstances.

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Why Everyone Wants to Have Sex With Dragons

Unknown to them they were both being watched mentally that is "She seems nice, I like her" said Malions mom as she looked into Lillians mind "I like her too honey, but can you help me with this" responded Malions dad as he pointed to his raging erection to which his mate only chuckled and jumped on him, she kissed him and planted his dragonhood in her pussy "My my, getting horny on watching your son being watched masturbating, honey you're something out of this world" she laughed and kissed him as they continued to influence the course of events Lillian was horny herself and watching a Dragon masturbate didn't help that one bit so she put her hand beneath her dress and into her black panties 'not the best position to mas Daenerys Targaryen and her scaly, scary flying children may have infected millions with the latest round of dragon fever, but monster porn in various forms has been around since the s — take, for example, the Japanese tentacle-porn woodblock from So after explaining everything to them they told him "Yes you may be right and it may just be the breeding season but it can also mean you found your mate" his father said happily "and well yea most dragons would be mad because she is a human but for you son Im glad you found a mate for I know how frustrating it can get for a male your age in breeding season when you have no females" "DAD! Malion on the other hand was fantasizing about her in a manner most dragons would consider normal since they are more The author would like to thank you for your continued support. The right way is a longer way. For women, it takes a little bit more time to get in the moodespecially when the relationship is not so young and the constant desire that was always there at the beginning already passed away.

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